Sunday, 14 January 2007

Is it spring ?

- Very untypical weather we have at the moment in the north of France...And today the sun is shining as if the tulips were ready to come out !
This global warming is putting my inspiration into spring mode: no jack-the-frost-fairy this year then !

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cupcaketastic said...

I love all of your little friends, I wish mine would come out and play at my house.

As for global warming it is vrey confussings, as in Melbourne, Australia on Christmas day last year we had a white Christmas with snow in the Hills to 900m and hail storms so thick it looked like a blanket of snow, and this is in the middle of Summer. The following week we had temps of up to 38oC.

So don't let it confuse you. And don't let your little ones plant anything yet.