Monday, 19 March 2007

Love polka dots

I went to the country living fair in London on friday and was able to find beautifull ribbons from Caroline Zoob , i am impatient to find a use for them in the fairies.I saw many beautifull stands and love all the britishness of it, very different from french crafts !

I also went to the "ideal home show" i had never been before and found it smaller than i expected it to be. But i still managed to find beautifull fabrics that are very different from what we find in the average fabric store in France...polka dots and english rose : i love this combination!


Lara said...

Congratulations for its wonderful work. It seems that we are in a story of fairies, if it could would go to live in the world of its playful and adorable dolls. It orders a kiss for each one of them and another one for you.
I do not know to write and nor to say English, I translated the computer I wait that it is all certainty. I can place link of its blog in mine? It would like to know how much cost?

Kisses !!!

DIANA said...

i think you will do some lovely pretty nice things..i will look for these!!!have a good day!!

Ragged Roses said...

Polka dots and roses my favourite combination. The fabrics are beautiful - your fairies will be stunning. We live quite near the Caroline Zoob shop so it's very tempting! Glad you enjoyed the Fair.
Have a good weekend
Kim x