Tuesday, 22 May 2007

The petit beurre fairy

When i was a little girl, the after school snack was a "petit beurre" (a biscuit) and a piece of black chocolate. Just the colours that will go with the new dots ribbons that i found there.
I am living in the countryside, and sourcing the kind of ribbons and fabrics i look for has become so easy with internet, when i think about the number of times i looked for the "good" size gros grain, in the right shade. Internet shopping has made my life so much easier, and very inspiring too !


ally said...

Very cute!!! How did people live before the internet? Although it seem people were happy and had a lot more time. Glad to see a new post!

DIANA said...

nice creation..simple and really lovely..i like all of yours..

Manu said...

ooohhh, your fairies are so cute, adorable, just love them all!!!! :)))