Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Spring is coming

I am trying to do some spring cleaning, but I am not much of a homemaker unfortunately.I would rather go in my little attic , and make some new fairies...


Antje said...

Oh!...."make some new fairies" ..... what a wonderful idea ;)
I´m looking forward to see them! :)


Anonymous said...

Oh I know just what you mean..

Eloise H.R said...

Hi there lovely Stephanie:))
It's so good to see you around my hiding place ;)

...I can feel you...i hate house chores too!
Why don't you employ your little fairies to help you a bit eh??
I've recently wrote a post about how much i wish i had little minions to help me out with my chores lol! -not yet posted- best wishes for a quick n shiny success!

PS. I think we would all prefer you creating fairies than cleaning :D

Anonymous said...

Hope you have a delightful Easter !! Hugs, Mica