Thursday, 29 May 2008

It really does take the biscuit !


I am awarding myself the worst blog award, I seem to never be able to find time to write a proper post...just rushing through things, I can find five minutes to do it but never ten...and I am ashamed of the state of my garden at the moment, so I will be either weeding or making fairies but not blogging.Oh! and I am feeling guilty about it, just like a little girl not doing her homework.Personal message to Ruby Begonias, I would like to talk to you but your comment doesn't link back to a blog , and I do not know how to contact you.
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Anonymous said...

Stephanie- okay your fairies keep getting cuter & cuter! How much are they & could I get some for my shop!? let's "talk", you can e-m me or go to my blog! thanks Monica

vivian said...

HI! Your fairies are the sweetest little things ever! I totally understand the whole time and blogging issue. I have a terrible time keeping up with it all! and I work full time as well.. Wouldnt it be nice if we never needed sleep? we'd have an extra 6 to 8 hours a day!! think of all the crafting, creating and blogging we could get done!!