Thursday, 15 October 2009

Busy bee

I am working on sweet unedible stuff for the fair next month. I love it when I manage to produce fake cakes that look perfectly yummy. Some days I wake up thinking what a silly job, doesn't sounds very serious and still it is my "profession".
It always is a very akward moment (for me) when people I just met ask me:
"And what do you do ?
-Sorry, I didn't quite get that.
-Fairies, and then faced with their blank look, I mumble again, fairies, you know,... with wings."

Then comes the big "Oh!" pronounced with a tone of commiseration that is quite puzzling to me.
They very often jump to the conclusion that "oh god! poor girl , she must be struggling to make a living."
And in less than two minutes all the credibility and seriousness that I gained slowly over the past ten years (took me quite a while to look my age, when I was 25,some people thought I was 16, I am now 34 and looks it), all this just goes, and they assume I must be one of those silly head in the clouds girl with her head not properly screwed on!
It was the anniversary of my business in september, and it has been going on for 12 years now , so the good side of it, is: when the people who asked me several years ago what I was doing how I am today and they add "Still doing fairies?"
Yep! I still do ! And more than I ever did...
And then comes the "It is a nice little business you have here, working for yourself, nobody to boss you around..."
Yes it is, and I cherish every moment of it.
We are the choices that we make !


A Farmers Wife said...

well, i for one completely adore what you do and if only those people knew what a special world they're all missing out on! My fairy asleep on a glass bauble is hanging above my bed as i type and i cant wait to add to my collection in a couple of weeks at the fair-see you there! Kirsty xxx

Gypsy Purple said...

So cute!!!!

Melissa said...

Say it proud and say it loud, "I make faries and I'm excellent at it!" They are darling and I so enjoy visiting your blog and checking them out!

Unknown said...

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