Tuesday, 13 February 2007

Liberty fairy

I was abit stuck last week , not inspired at all...and then just watching at liberty fabrics and inspiration came back.So here they are my new friends with their delicate skirts !


Niki Fretwell said...

Hi Stephanie,
Thank you for the comment on my blog....I was tring to find you the other day, but had lost your link.
You have been very busy making your delightful fairies....I am looking forward to seeing your website when it is created.
I loved the little fairy sat on the cake further down on your blog.

calamitykim said...

I love your faeries and would love to buy some- do you sell them? I love these with the fabric skirts! They are all so lovely! The expressions are delightful and whimsical!

stéphanie said...

i am working at website building so the fairies will be soon available online.

calamitykim said...

How delightful!! Please add me to your email address so that I will be informed the moment youy are up and running! I need to adopt the wee faerie on the far left in the wonderful gown, or maybe the one on the right...or maybe all of them! They have stolen my heart and i will never be the same! Good luck and get busy, woman!

calamitykim said...


add this to your list of people to notify when website is up and then remove- ok? thanks! Kim

Claire said...

So pretty! The blue one is my favorite, I think!

Winnie said...

I love them too!!
save someone to me!!
I would like to be add to the list too...
The are magical!!

Winnie said...

the mail: chiniwinnie@hotmail.com