Sunday, 24 July 2011

Let's meet up

Sometimes after months of routine work, things suddenly get hectic.
It is right now happening in ALL areas of my life. The quiet village life is suddenly disturbed by big decisions, and the crafting, for once, takes the back seat. I live and breath my craft, but it has kind of smothered the other things I should be doing, meeting friends and enjoying more than work.
I had quite a few tough years in my personnal life, and working making fairies has been a screen that protected me from feeling too much, as long as I was working it was enough. Work helped me keep my sanity, but was also used as an excuse for not questioning too deeply what my life was about.
One big piece of news is that I will be at the spirit of christmas fair again this year, so see you there , maybe?

Friday, 24 June 2011

My phone killed my blog and put me on facebook

My blog is kind of abandonned...for two reasons, I have little time and therefore always put blogging at the very very bottom of my list, so much so it never gets done. And I find it difficult to share anything else than professional news, and well nothing extaordinarily new recently.
I can also say that my smart phone has put my computer on holidays, I can now spend weeks without opening it and I still spend millions of hours on the internet, in queues at the post office, in the dentist waiting room. It has freed me from my desk, but because blogging from a phone is a bit more difficult I ended up not doing it for quite some time now.
But it made facebook so quick to use.
Having facebook on my iphone made keeping up with everybody's news so much quicker, so I kind of read less and less blogs too, if they are not linked with facebook.So if you want to follow the fairies news follow me on facebook.
Anyway, I am still making fairies ( I have started to work on christmas stock this week), and I still do fairs. This november I will be as usual at the Country Living fair in London, and maybe, but still to be confirmed, the Spirit of christmas fair in London Kensington. Over the summer I will go to Portobello market (London W11) on most fridays, and Camden lock market (London NW1) on saturdays and sundays, weather permitting, if it is pouring with rain it makes it difficult for me to display the fairies.
I will try to come back and post more often here, but I know I always prefer to sit in my studio making fairies, crafting is my breathing.

Thursday, 18 November 2010

Back from the country living fair

I just got back from the country living fair, and as usual it didn't disapoint, lovely fair, lovely christmas scents, lovely people :)

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Autumn is there

The nights are getting colder, but the days are quite warm. Yesterday the grapes harvest have started here, and my village that is usually so quiet is buzzing with people. In the champagne region the grapes have to be picked by hands, no machine there.
I am completely immersed in christmas stuff, working three months ahead as usual, and I just would love to skip work to go outside... I really have to force myself to stay anchored to my desk and work, one of those days hey!

Tuesday, 7 September 2010


The days are shortening, time to forget the garden for a while (still so much things to do before winter though). Even though I seemed to have disappeared from the virtual world, I am still going modeling clay every single day in my studio,which needs a good clear out too !
The little newbies are in the shop right now.

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

The carnations are in !

I love carnations, I know they had a bad press for along time , I am thinking of the long-stems- crying-out-for-some-love at the petrol stations ones , these ones are garden ones, the short, pink very smelly ones, love their peppery smell!

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

In the garden

I am spending lots of time in the garden right now, and the rest of it I am making fairy cakes for the next exhibition which will be at the RHS flower show in Tatton park . I won't be going on holidays this year, and the most exciting trip I will take will probably be a shopping one around Manchester...But I am very excited just as much as I left for holidays in Italy last year ! I love garden shows, because I can shop too for my garden. And mine is still a very blank canvas except for the wendy house I set up for my daughter a couple of years ago, I though she would be thrilled, she very rarely goes in there...she prefers to climb trees ! But she does enjoy the garden too in her own way !