Saturday, 8 December 2007

Christmas and the "cottage industry"

If I didn't have a daughter who loves unpacking the christmas decorations, I don't know if I would have the "courage" to have a tree. Christmas is incredibly important to my small business (I have just discovered that in english it could be qualified as "cottage industry", and it does suits it so well, as i live and work in a cottage where you couldn't swing a cat, but it is a lovely place).Unfortunately, I miss the cheer of the xmas season, no time to bake and invite friends, clean the house and give it a xmas feel. The xmas market where I sell most of the fairies in december is open until the 27th, hence no rest, no time...The cottage industry is not a business type, it feels like a way of life, with its good sides and the independence it gives, but its downsides too.
The feeling of having to forget the dust in the corners because i have to devote all my time to making fairies...To be a crafter making a living, i don't think there is another way...