Saturday, 28 July 2007

the headache of stand setting

I need to hurry up now to sort out my stand for the christmas fairs, and start making the list of what i will need.It might seem a bit early but actually it is not, i will soon have to send the stand design to the exhibitions organizers, and i still have my doubts.
I am not a stylist and i don't know where to start, and i have so many restrictions to think about...First i don't have a lorry so I can't take a big amount of furniture to set it as nicely I would like to, and the stands are very small especially the Country Living fair one (2 meters by 1.5m !).
I have quite a little collection of french plaster frames, and i think the fairies will sit nicely in them, but i still haven't found a idea to present the baubles nicely.
Another of my problems is: where to hide the stock that i will need to keep on stand on busy days...?bearing in mind the square footage...
If you have an idea, please let me know, i am running out of inspiration...

Monday, 23 July 2007

my little fairy's room

I haven't been much on the computer lately hence the blog lacks some attention. I had to transform this mess in the first picture into the "tidy" second one.I am in the middle of home improvements and I am happy to feel that soon my tiny cottage will go back to normal (an improved version of what it was) , a few more days and I will get my bathroom back, brand new ! I am very happy with the cath kidston wallpaper, I looked for polka dots for ages and found it in the Cath Kidston shop on kings road in London. After all this mess I will be glad to go back to the fairy making I am already starting on the christmas stock and will post pictures of the baubles soon.