Thursday, 26 November 2009

Country Living fair 2009

Back from the country living fair I wasn't able to take lots of pictures as I was stuck to my stand working all day . But I saw that Ruby's mama took quite good ones, and her blog is lovely!
I had a lovely time over there, and I thank all the people who visited me there, you are all so kind !

Thursday, 5 November 2009

Sweet november

For me November used to be just a damp and cold month, not any more... It is still damp and cold, but it is time for a change in my lifestyle. It is time to swap the wellies for the high heels, and the loneliness of my studio for the jolly crowd of christmas fair. I love living in the countryside in my tiny village in my tiny cottage, I love this slow pace of life. But there is nothing more revigorating at the begining of the cold season, than to emigrate a fortnight to busy London. It is just long enough to appreciate the restaurants, the theaters, mmm and the shopping too !
Out with the country girl , I am off to the city!
I may see you there next week with all the baubles on stand D3 at the country living magazine fair.